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Judge Dismisses Criminal Case Against Man Convicted of Insider Trading Alongside ex-Angel Star Doug DeCinces - Quote: “Mr. Parker, myself, and my co-counsel Mr. (George) Brunt are extremely pleased that Judge Guilford signed an order dismissing all criminal charges against Mr. Parker on April 15, 2019,” - Read More Here.

Recent Results

TG—Client was Arrested on 5 Serious Felony Charges, Including Assault with a Deadly Weapon, We Investigated the Case, Met with Lead Prosecutor, and Charges Were Never Filed

BB—Felony 4th DUI with Accident and Open Drunk in Public, Court Offered Treatment and No Actual Jail Time

SB—3rd DUI in 5 Years, Client Entered Treatment and Served No Actual Jail Time

FR—.13 DUI with Accident, Client Offered Reckless Driving, with Fine Day of Trial

BF—.18 DUI, at Checkpoint, Case Reduced to Reckless Driving Day of Motion Challenging Checkpoint, Due to No Escape Route

BH—Client Charged with Robbery and Various Other Felonies, Client Released without Posting Bond, Counseling Complete, Community Service Complete, Pled to Single Misdemeanor Charge

JT—3 Separate Felony Drug Sales Cases, All Dismissed at the Conclusion of Probation Through Expungement Process

JP—Drug Sales Charged Reduced to a Misdemeanor and Subsequently Dismissed Through Prop 64 and 1203.4

JY—Juvenile Case, Possession of Loaded Firearm at Local High School, Released to Parents and Placed in Counseling

JS—Juvenile Case, Aggravated Assault with Broken Bones, Released and Other Family Contacted, Case Handled Informally, No Charges Filed

Minor. CM—Charges with Multiple Counts of Continuous Acts of Sexual Assault on a Minor, Looking at 27 Years to Life Term, Found Not Guilty of All Charged Offenses, Guilty of a Single Lesser Included Count of Misdemeanor Battery, No Jail Sentence

Miguel C—Charged with 3 Life Counts of Attempt Murder, Weapon Enhancements, and Gang Enhancements; Received Probation and Credit for Time Served in Jail on Day of Trial

Dustin C—Charged with Forcible Rape, Statutory Rape, Lewd and Lascivious Conduct, Maximum of 24 Years; Case Dismissed Day of Trial, No Jail Served

Hani E—Charged with Attempted Murder, Gang Enhancement, Gun Enhancements, and 2 Life Terms; Case Reversed on Appeal, and Credit for Time Served

Kathy M—Charged Possession of Narcotics; Case Dismissed

Christine S—Charged Third DUI within 4 Years; No Jail and Rehab Program Complete

Jason P—Charged Third DUI within 3 Years; No Jail and Rehab Program Complete

Paul N—Arrested Felony Child Endangerment, Bail $150K; Case Never Filed by DA

Superior Court of California


Miguel C—Charged with Force Rape, Child Molestation, and Forced Oral Copulation; No Jail, Eventual Misdemeanor, and No Sex Registration

AZ—Charged with Solicitation of Prostitution; Charges Dismissed

VT—Charged with Loitering with Intent; Charges Dismissed Day of Trial

NC—Solicitation of Prostitution. Charges Dismissed

JP—Felony Terrorist Threats and Assault with a Deadly Weapon; All Felonies Dismissed and No Jail Time

KS—DUI with Accident with Child in the Car; All Felonies Dismissed and No Jail Time

TG—Charged with Possession of Bomb-Making Materials with Intent to Injure; No Jail, Probation

MM—Charged with Second DUI with Accident; No Actual Jail Time Served

VN—Charged with DUI Causing Great Bodily Injury; No Jail/Case Reduced to Misdemeanor

AD—Child Molestation, No Actual Jail Time, Charged Reduced to Non-Registering Offense as Misdemeanor

EP—Pimping and Pandering; Case Dismissed Day of Trial

SN—Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Plea to Simple Battery; No Jail

TW—Multiple Counts of Identity Theft and Drug Sales; Client Received Rehabilitation Program

BP—Gang Charged, Drug Sales; All Charges Dismissed

DD—Second DUI and Prescription Meds; No Charges Filed by DA

RC—Grand Theft of $100K Plus; Restitution Paid and No Charges Filed

VS—Drug Sales, Juvenile; All Charges Dismissed

GM—Aggravated Assault; No Charges Filed after Our Investigation

Ken Y—ADW Car Hit and Run, Second DUI; All Charges Reduced to Misdemeanors, No License Revocation, and No Actual Jail; House Arrest Granted

Brad R—Back-to-Back Second and Third DUIs; No Actual Jail Sentence, Treatment and Work Release, Kept My Job

AL—Felony Domestic Violence, Charge Was Reduced to Misdemeanor before Trial, Pre-Trial Conducted, Full Acquittal of Charges